Indigenous Canadians stand up to Ellen DeGeneres using #sealfies, fight for their right hunt seals

"We do not hunt seals, or any animal for that matter, for fashion," Killaq Enuaraq-Strauss, 17, says. "We hunt to survive. If Canada were to ban the seal hunt, so many families would suffer, would face harsher forms of malnutrition, and wouldn’t be able to afford proper clothing for the Arctic environment we live in. Even more so, another part of our culture would have been killed."

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Nothing makes me quite as angry as wealthy people in major cities trying to make completely uninformed, harmful, disrespectful interjections into northern Canadian culture and infrastructure.

destroy these people. if you’re celebrating vicious hunts like this with this sort of thing you’re not just hunting for survival and your culture deserves to be destroyed. 

Well somebody didn’t click the link. Government seal hunting (including the pup killing I’m sure you’re thinking of by your use of vicious hunts) is not Inuit doing, or Inuit endorsed. These people DO hunt to survive, they hunt adult animals for food and clothing. The kind of clothing you need when you live that far up north, nothing compares to animal furs in that respect and it would actually be downright wasteful to kill a seal to eat then not use it’s fur too. The numbers they take are also sustainable, the numbers government take, less so. Then after the act, there is nothing wrong with taking pride in the clothing you make out of it. You still had to make it after all.

They’re not celebrating any vicious hunts, they’re trying to defend their right to survive the best way they can in a harsh environment, when people who know nothing about what they do and why are trying to stop them.

"Your culture deserves to be destroyed" get a load of this dumbass racist piece of shit. Gee I wonder why the Inuit don’t take your fucking hippy animal rights bullshit seriously.